Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The ABCs of Unemployment

Alphabet of Unemployment

A is for applications, I fill out every day

B is for basket, where they get thrown away.

C is for collections, coming my way

D is for doubt if I’ll be able to pay

E is for entertainment, of which I have none

F is for food bank- time for a run

G is for goals, which can’t be ignored

H is for health insurance, which I can’t afford

I is for IRS, demanding their share

J is for jobs, none of which are to spare.

K is for knowledge, that stuff costs a lot

L is for lawyers with their hands in the pot.

M is for money, I think I had some one time

N is for nickel, as in nickled and dimed

O is for opportunity, I’d sure like one of those

P is for payment, and it’s through the nose

Q is for qualifications, which others expect

R is for my resume, which they have yet to respect

S is for seeking, all the long day

T is for tired, in a world weary way

U is for useless, my efforts right now

V is for values, plunging like the Dow

W is for waiting until I am deployed

X is for the box next to unemployed

Y is for year, a long one so far

Z is for ZZZ after I wish on a star.

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  1. Only three entries so far? C'mon man, this is excellent stuff! Please write some more!